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Zebra label makers

zebra printer - zebra thermal printer

Zebra printer derives its name from Zebra Industries, which manufactures them. The publicly-traded company has grown to become a global market leader in barcoding and RFID technologies since its establishment in 1991.

What is the Zebra label printer price range?

We have realised that Zebra is one of the most expensive brands of label makers. However, its quality is much better than most of the competitors. They are focused on thermal label makers for offices, homes, and industrial purposes. . The price varies between 100 USD and 1.600 USD being this last the most expensive zebra industrial label printer. But the average price of Zebra label makers is around 500 USD.

How do Zebra printers work?

Their printers do not take up much space. What is more, Zebra’s compact desktop printers fit easily on any office table, while their industrial models are designed to open and run well within 2 cubic feet of space. Media rolls can be replaced with fewer fan-fold labels than cartons, which are not only compressible but also emit less waste.

Zebra label printers operate using a hot print head that applies this heat to a ribbon with a wax or resin coating, depending on the media type. The heat from the printhead melts the wax or resin and transfers it to the ribbon and the media. That’s why this process is called thermal transfer.

Top Seller Label Makers of Zebra:

  • Zebra GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer
  • Zebra LP2844 Barcode Label Printer
  • Zebra’s ZD420

Different Types of Zebra Barcode Scanners:

According on the variety of products, the brand has a list of barcode scanners, but we have mentioned only a few of them, including:

▷Ultra-Rugged Barcode Scanners

Meet the ultra-rugged corded and cordless barcode scanners that revolutionised the industry by setting new standards for ruggedness, scanning performance, and manageability.

▷In-Counter Barcode Scanners

The MP7000 multi-plane 1D/2D imager provides an improved checkout experience for cashiers and customers in high-volume cashier-manned and self-checkout POS lanes. You may create fascinating new applications with the optional color camera that provide significant commercial benefits.

▷Fixed Industrial Scanners

Fixed Industrial Scanners from Zebra deliver reliable decoding performance for tracking and tracing commodities from manufacture to distribution. Upgradeable features allow you to address the changing needs of your organization by identifying every item and package with a model for each application.

▷Healthcare Barcode Scanners

The healthcare barcode scanners can improve patient safety and caregiver productivity. They’re built exclusively for hospitals and healthcare professionals.

Advantages of Zebra printer products

  • Many businesses and industries have been able to employ barcode scanning in their daily operations thanks to Zebra’s technology in printers and labels.
  • The latest Zebra barcode label printer designs offer greater connectivity choices, allowing users to choose between single-sided and dual-sided label printing.
  • Printing quality is excellent, and the resulting cost per label could not be lower.

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