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Thermal Shipping Label Printer

rollo label printer - best thermal printer for shipping labels -

Thermal shipping label printers are a kind of label makers mostly used for mailing and delivery purposes. They print shipping labels and have compatibility with many different softwares to bring you the best experience for your business.

Shipping Thermal label printers Online on Offer

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Uses for Thermal label makers

As we commented before, they are also known as mailing or postage label printers. They have these names because are used by businesses to print address labels and paste them on the packages. So, most people use them for eCommerce and package deliveries.

Furthermore, they can print barcodes and QR codes, so they are not exclusively used for deliveries purposes. Besides, Hospitals and medical centers use them to save and catalog medical samples.

Most popular Thermal label printer tapes

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Brands of Shipping Label Printer:

Best wireless shipping label printer

In terms of connectivity, thermal printers can be used using a USB cable or Bluetooth. This is one feature you probably want to consider as it allows you to print from your phone or other devices instead of a computer. As not all printers have wireless, we have done the research for the best thermal printers with wireless:

Cheap shipping label printer

If your budget is limited, there still are some thermal printers that cost less than $100. Although their quality is not as good as the ones over $120, they will help with your business needs.

Most popular shipping label printer for small business

If we take a look at Amazon, we can easily see how some thermal printers are more popular than others. Considering this, the two most well-liked brands are Rollo printers (See on Amazon) and Polono thermal label printers (See on Amazon).

These two brands are compatible with Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Ups, Usps, FedEx, and Etsy. So, they will be helpful if you have an eCommerce that uses those platforms as they will save you time and effort.

About their prices, they vary depending on the model and the offer you take, but they usually cost between $135 and $200.

Best thermal shipping label printer in 2022

After some research, we have found which is the most popular thermal shipping label printer this year. According to the customers, this is the best thermal label printer on Amazon. It has over 4.5 stars and more than 13.500 reviews. Take a look while it’s still on offer!