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Portable Label Maker

Mini label maker - portable label printer

Portable label printers are mini label makers designed to be easy to transport. Some of them are small enough to be carried inside a pocket. Although their features are not the best, they solve the needs for which they are designed.

Besides, portable name tag printers are usually cheap as their features are more limited.

Assort of the best Portable Label Makers Online:

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Brands of Portable label makers

Most popular Portable Bluetooth label printers on Amazon

After some research, we have found the two most popular portable label makers. Both are mini and smaller than your hand. The best thing is they are cheap devices you can use wherever you want:

  • Phomemo d30 label printer: This brand is always betting hard on its designs. You can easily connect it with your phone as it’s compatible with ios and android using Bluetooth and a USB cable. It has an App called Print master where you can synchronize what you want to print. The print resolution is 203dpi and the wireless distance is around 10m.

  • Puqu label printer: Although the brand is not well known, this particular model is. This device is a portable thermal label printer that uses Bluetooth. As D30, Puqu is also compatible with ios and android. You can also use a USB. It’s print speed is 25-56mm/s and the print resolution is 203 dpi.

The best portable label printer in 2022:

According to Amazon customers, this is the best portable label maker in the market right now.  It has over 4.5 stars and more than 26.000 reviews. Don’t miss this opportunity!