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Phomemo Label Printers

Phomemo printer - phomemo thermal printer

Do you want to know more about Phoneme label makers? Great! We are going to discuss the brand, its top products, tapes, and much more. So keep reading!

Phomemo label printers Online on Offer:

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Phomemo: all the power in a small space

Phomemo began research on printers in 2016. The brand actively develops internet print products based on office, learning, life, work, and other application scenarios. More than 50 to 800 employees and now they own 2 factories in these 3 years. They have a qualified technical team and have many advanced testing instruments committed to improving product quality to ensure quality.

Adhere to fundamental product competitiveness, impress customers with quality, cast industry quality standards. They always find honest, responsible, leading technology, and teamwork spirit as the brand’s core values, from traditional to online sales.

Phomemo focuses on creating creative printers and has launched a variety of printers to date, including commercial and domestic. Different types of paper rolls suit our printers.

Most popular Phomemo label printers

  • Phomemo D30 Mini Label Printer
  • Phomemo-M110 Label Maker
  • Phomemo-M110 Portable Bluetooth Thermal Label Maker

Different Phomeno Label Makers

The Phomemo’s has a list of label makers, which are:

‣ Phomemo M02 Pocket Printer

Pocket Mobile Printer has a powerful app – one-click printing, time and effort saving. It can print images and text instantly. The app offers a variety of filter effects, fonts, and themes, which makes the image more HD. The Phomemo M02 Mini Printer is funny, but not a camera.

‣ Pink Label Printer, Phomemo Thermal Label Printer

The Phomemo 4X6 label printer doesn’t require special labels. It comes with a USB stick, a printer driver installer, video tutorials, and a setup guide. The printer is compatible with e-commerce and major shipping platforms, such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Usps, etc. You can buy any thermal label and run the printer.

Different types of Phomemo tapes:

The brand offers three types of tapes, including:

‣ Clear Standard Laminated Label Maker Tape

The eclectic style of thermal sticker printing label tape. With adhesive on the back of each pack of label tape, you can easily stick it everywhere.

These label tapes are resistant to corrosion, acid, low temperature, and high temperature. It is featured with patented coating and thermal transfer technology. Labels can be stored in different conditions and for a long time. It can be used to create a sustainable label for yourself, which helps you be organized for your work and life.

‣ Phomemo D30 Label Maker Tape

The tapes are available in blue, yellow, black, to pink. Their size is 14 x 50 mm. Compatible with Phomemo D31 Portable Label Maker for DIY scrapbooking, labeling, notes, inventory, receipts, etc.

‣ Phomemo Pink Silk Ribbon Tapes for P12

The pink silk ribbon tapes are available in colors such as black on white, gold on white, gold on dark blue, and black on blue. This ribbon tape provides numerous benefits such as cloth printing, color printing, sun-protected and it can’t be quickly faded. It is prepared with satin ribbon with a silky touch—moreover, it’s only applicable with the p12 models.

Advantages of the Phomemo products are:

The significant benefits of the brand are:

  • Noise-free and extremely durable
  • Easy to use and time-saving
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Improved print quality label makers

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