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Motex Label Makers

motex embossing label maker - motex label printer - motex tape writer

Do you want to know about the Motex label makers brand? Great! I am going to talk about them in detail. So let’s start.

Motex label makers on Offer

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Focused on embossing

They are at the forefront of this industry worldwide. With their products, moTEX now has a 25% international market share. They are currently developing and exporting barcode label printing scales, price labels, electronic scales, automatic orienting rotary printing machines, and other tools in retail applications. This brand provides the best quality products all over the world.

They have comprehensive after-sales services, focusing on the unwavering commitment to the new series R&D. Due to these factors, the company has experienced increased customer loyalty and can consistently provide excellent client satisfaction.

Embossing label maker how to use:

Motex’s most popular label printers:

  • MoTEX Embossing Label Maker, Label Writer -E-202
  • MoTEX Embossing Label Maker, Label Writer -E-101
  • MoTEX Refill Tape for Embossing Label Maker

MoTEX Refill Tape for Embossing Label Maker

It is a high-quality self-adhesive Refill Tape manufactured by Motex in South Korea. This is strong adhesion, water-resistant, and easy to apply. Sticks to any smooth and clean surface. MoTEX is fully compatible with embossing label makers (E-101, E-202, E-303, E-404, and E-505) and Dymo products.

MOTEX Label Maker Embossing Refill Tape (Pastel):

Their ‘V-shaped blades let you cut tapes more efficiently than any other cutter. Its ergonomic design gives a firm grip and relieves wrist pain. The tape is placed in the middle of the hanger due to its tape fixer. The bottom non-slip rubber pad stays in place at all times.

It is lightweight, but it can also be used to carry the V1 anywhere, thanks to the wrist strap attached.

Transparent Tape:

Thanks to its strong adhesive, it is easy to wrap shopping bags and gift boxes or attach documents. The transparent tape is available for most tape dispensers using 3-inch cover tape rolls. It is helpful for everyone at school, office, and home because it is clean and transparent. The tape gives a smooth operation with less noise than other tape rolls. It is designed to be the most compatible with all types of Motex tape dispensers.

Tape Dispenser:

Motex tape dispenser is a brand new way to get a clean edge tape cut Elephant-shaped “semi-auto” operating tape dispenser. The tape has a pad holder and bottom rubber, while the body color is gray and lime. Its size is 5.0X2.5X4.2 “(128X65X107Mm).

E-202 Tape Writer:

The motex E-202 tape writer provides the best quality embossed adhesive labels for scrapbooks, magazines, art, craft, prints letters, numbers, and emotional symbols. Ergonomically designed for ease of use and a modern look. Easy to use, portable, no battery or power required. Comes with 1 label maker, 1 pre-filled tape, and 2 wheels (number and alphabet an emoticon).

Advantages of MoTEX Label Makers:

Advantages of the MoTEX label makers are:

  • MoTEX 3D embossing labels stick to any smooth, clean, and clear surface – and are resistant to water, corrosion, abrasion, and most chemicals.
  • MoTEX refill tapes are compatible with a range of labeling printers.

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