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Handheld Label Maker

handheld label maker - dymo handheld label maker

Let’s start by saying that kind of label maker is also known as a portable labeling machine as they are designed to be easy to carry with you and to be used everywhere. But not all portable machines are handheld label makers, but all hand label printers are portable. The difference is that a handheld label maker has a Qwerty-style keyboard to write the labels.

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The price range of a Handheld label maker

Despite the fact that this category is not the cheapest one, It’s not the most expensive either. The prices vary in function of the brand and the features. Even though you can find them at prices over $100, the most common price for a handheld label maker is around $40 or $50.

Brother’s and Dymo’s handheld label makers have a cheaper price than Brady’s hand label printers. But of course, the quality of the devices is also different.

Handheld qwerty labeller features

These devices have a keyboard and a peculiar form that lets you hold them with one hand. They are designed to be used while doing something else. That’s why they are so practical and popular.

Now, how do they work? Every brand and model is different, but they have a few things in common. Handheld label makers usually have a small screen on the top, a Qwerty keyboard on the bottom, and a cutter on the top right side, making it easier for right-hand people.

The sheet size is around 3″, so not too big. As they are not expensive devices, the memory they have for labels is limited to 15-30 labels. The same thing happens when we talk about their fonts, frames, and symbols. They have less than other kinds of label makers. Despite their limitations, they have enough features to cover most of the needs.

Brands of hand label maker

Tapes for hand label printers

These are some of the most common tapes used for handheld label makers:

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Uses for handheld label printers

After Embossing label printers, Hand label makers are the second most simple labelers. They are easy and intuitive to use. Handheld is normally used for home purposes, but there are some premium models that can be used in small or medium businesses as they have better features.

Their use is popularly extended. They are small and multipurpose gadgets that you can just carry in your work carry bag. Handheld labelers are used for electricians, accountants, receptionists, parents who want to label their child’s school books, and more other professions.

Best Handheld label maker in 2022

Lastly, with more than 26.000 reviews and over 4.5 stars, this is the favorite handheld label printer on Amazon chosen by the customers.