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Embossing Label Maker

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Embossing Label Makers (See on Amazon) is a special category of Label printers that is very popular and gradually getting more in demand these days. As the name suggests, embossing label printers print embossed labels on different materials. These labels are pressure sensitive and are printed by mixing different dyes together. We can say that embossed labels are the more delicate version of standard labels that are printed using label markers.

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How does a label embosser work?

There is a slight explanation in understanding how label printers actually work. First, we need to understand that label printers work through thermal printing. However, there are two types of thermal printing; direct thermal printing and thermal transfer. Direct printing uses thermo-chromic coated paper whereas thermal transfer uses a ribbon that is primarily sensitive to heat.

On the other hand, Thermal transfer is a slightly complex process as compared to thermal printing. Besides, it is also considered as the more reliable one. On the other side, what really determines what type of label printing is needed is dependent upon what needs to be printed and why it needs to be printed.

The price range of an Embossing label printer:

After some research, Embossing Label makers prices come in different ranges depending upon what kind of quality you are looking for. These kinds of labels are designed for home or non-professional uses. If you are a business you better get another kind of label maker such as thermal or handheld label makers as they are of higher quality.

The price for Embossing printers goes from $11 to $180, being $20 the most common price.

Brands of Embossing label makers

Uses of Embossing Label printers

Although, embossing printers are not as common as standard label printers. Even so, organizations that generally deal with creating invitation cards or are responsible for making premium designs prefer using the Embossing Label Printers.

It is also self-explanatory as embossed labels are of more high quality and deliver a more premium output, therefore organizations that need to produce a very high-quality label or design prefer using them.

Tapes for Embossing labelers

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Best Embossing label maker in 2022

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