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Dymo letratag 100h Handheld Label maker review 2022

letratag lt100 - label maker dymo letra 100
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Dymo Letratag (See on Amazon) is one of the easiest label makers to use. Its size is ideal for carrying it everywhere as it’s easily portable. It’s a perfect option for working from home or in an office. This handheld labeler is cheap and highly recommended by its buyers.

Dymo letratag 100h Specifications:

  • Qwerty ABC keyboard
  • Portable
  • 454g in weight
  • Works with 4 AA batteries

 Dymo Letratag label maker model offers:

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Dymo letratag 100h manual 2022

The simplest way to show how the Dymo letratag labelwriter works is with a video, as it’s always easier to learn from audiovisual content. Here is a video about Dymo’s letratag manual:

You also can find the online manual by clicking here.

Dymo letratag 100h font sizes and styles:

The Dymo letratag has 5 font sizes available:

1. Extra Small 2. Small 3. Medium
4. Large 5. Extra Large

It has 6 font styles:

1. Normal 2. Bold 3. Italic
4. Outline 5. Shadow 6. Vertical

Dymo letratag 100h compatible tapes:

The kind of tape this model uses is not waterproof or durable. The quality is clear according to its price. If you are looking for something more professional this is probably not the label maker that suits you. This is basically just for simple and personal organization.

If you are working with clothes, Dymo’s letratag tape is not suitable for clothing. You can check here for clothing labelers.

Does Dymo letratag have a power cord?

The answer is no. The letratag 100h works with 4 AA batteries so it doesn’t have any power cord.

Conclusions about this label maker

Dymo Letratag is a perfect option for small businesses and home offices. It doesn’t have premium features but it’s enough for a normal labeling organization. It’s a good choice to organize files and documents, label containers or small things. Letratag is one of the cheapest label makers on market, and unless you are a business that needs more features, this should be enough to solve all your needs.

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