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Brady Label Makers

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Brady Corporation is an international marketer and manufacturer of complete solutions that identify and protect products, people, and places. Brady’s products help consumers increase safety, productivity, security, and efficiency and include high-performance labels, signs, protective equipment, printing systems, and software.

Brady’s diverse label portfolio of over 120 different label types gives you customised products with unlimited configurations

Brady offers a full range of sleeves, wraps, self-laminating labels, and wire markers, which withstand the harsh conditions of the industry. Ideal for use in the datacom industry, these sleeves, labels, and markers are designed to provide clear and compelling, long-lasting identification.

Brady label makers on Offer:

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Top Seller Label Makers of Brady:

  1. BMP21 Plus Series All-Weather Vinyl Labels
  2. BMP61 BMP71 M611 Quick Flag Tapered Wire and Cable Flag Labels


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Different Types of Tapes:

The Brady label makers have different types of tapes, which are:

▷BRADY M21-750-430-WT-CL Label Tape Cartridge:

This label tape is made with clear polyester and used with printers like BMP(R)21 Label Printer, ID Pal Printer, BMP(R)21-Plus Label Printer, and Lab Pal Printer. It is employed in applications that use alphanumeric, barcodes, graphic symbols, and logos.

▷Brady Label Cartridge, White/Clear,240 In. W MC-1500-595-CL-WT

Tape is prepared by using vinyl material. Flexible vinyl material is well suited to smooth or rough surfaces such as pipes, shelving, boxes, panels, and equipment. The label resists grime, oils, detergents, dirt, and many solvents. The label can last up to 10 years.

▷BRADY M21-375-430-WT-CL Label Tape Cartridge:

This WT-CL label tape cartridge is prepared with clear polyester and used with a number of printers such as BMP(R)21 Label Printer, BMP(R)21-Lab Label Printer, BMP(R)21-Plus Label Printer, ID Pal Printer, and Lab Pal Printer. Mainly, it is applied in lean and general labeling.

▷BRADY M71C-1000-595-CL Label Tape Cartridge:

It is designed to adhere well to clean, dry surfaces, including indoor and outdoor grade vinyl tape pipes, walls, appliances, and windows. This tape is also prepared for industrial chemicals, resists grease, and adapts to curved, irregular, and rough surfaces. It offers five-year average outdoor stability at 180 F to -40 F (82 C to -40 C). Moreover, the tape is only used with the Brady BMP71.

▷Brady Label Tape Roll, 100 ft. L B30C-1125-595-CL:

This durable, low-shrinkable vinyl is designed for irregular, curved, rough, and textured surfaces, including painted cinder blocks, uneven wood, textured plastics, paper jacket pipes, and powder-coated surfaces. ۔ Aggressive adhesives also help process “hard,” low-energy products, including ABS plastics, PVC piping, blow mold equipment cases, and recycled plastics.

Advantages of Brady label maker:

The are several advantages of the Brady products, including

  • Each feature of the Brady label maker is designed for a simple, reliable, and fast printing experience with minimal input so that you can find a safe, synchronized, and productive workspace for a long time.
  • They also have print smart technology that allows content, printers, and software to interact with everyone to make labels faster and easier.

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