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Bluetooth label makers

bluetooth label printer - bluetooth shipping label printer

Bluetooth label makers are those printers that have a wireless connection as a feature.

They are getting popular because can be used using your phone, computer, or tablet from distances around 10 meters. They are usually are easy to transport as most of them are small and portable. So if you need a label maker to work with from different locations, this may be of interest to you.

Bluetooth label makers Online:

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The price range of a Bluetooth label maker

Although these are not the most expensive label printed, their prices vary depending on their features. As it’s obvious,  higher performance comes at a higher price. But, talking in standard metrics, their prices usually are between $30 and $100. Prices over $100 normally are for professional purposes.

Uses of Bluetooth label printers

You can actually use Bluetooth labeling machines more many things. They usually have thin tapes so you can use them to organize documents, pots and another sort of stuff at home. They can also be used to print barcodes or QR codes, so using them to catalog products is another good option.

Besides, as most of them are easy to carry, can be used by electricians or tradies. These kinds of jobs need to tag materials and cables, and these label printers are easy to work with.

Most popular Bluetooth label makers on Amazon

  • Niimbot D11 label maker: It’s cheap, small, available in 4 different colors and it has its own App for iOS and Android.

  • Brother p touch cube label maker: One of the top sellers on Amazon. You can now take a look at our brother pt cube review where we explain its features and advantages in an extended way.

  • Nemonic label printer: Not a popular brand, but it has some reputation on this particular model. It’s a Bluetooth thermal label maker perfect to print address labels as the tape it supports is big enough for it. This device is a bit more expensive than the others but it has better features. It’s compatible with iOS, Android, and MS office.

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According to Amazon’s customers, this is the best Bluetooth label printer you can buy this year. It has over 4.5 stars and over 3.000 reviews. If you are really after one of these devices, you should consider this offer!